What can we learn from the the Jan 6 Capitol Riot?

As I watched the Trump supporters and rioters wave their flags and break windows and climb the walls of the Capitol building on Jan 6, I wasn’t surprised at all. I have suspected that a certain segment of Trump supporters were fully capable of such behavior for many different reasons.

If you study the footage inside the Capitol you will see one person carrying a huge Confederate flag and many others carrying printed signs saying, ”Stop the Steal”. One huge homemade banner says, ”Jesus is my Savior, Trump is my President”. Smaller signs, symbols and pieces of clothing display Qanon, MAGA, and Militia symbols. Many men are in military garb with backpacks and helmets. Many are using their Trump and US flag poles as weapons against the small force of Capitol Police who are NOT in riot gear and have tiny cans of pepper spray or mace. They seem afraid to draw their weapons because they are outnumbered by at least 100 rioters for each policeman.

It is clear that a man tattooed and painted from head to toe and wearing a Viking helmet with sharp bull horns and carrying a huge spear, is screaming and chanting. This man has since been arrested so we know that he claims to be a Qanon Shaman who now has a lawyer who claims that his client is mentally ill.

The FBI will continue to arrest people who are easily identified by the video footage and cell phone pictures which are numerous and have date, exact time and location printed on them. Rioters tried to beat up journalists and steal cameras but many people, including the rioters, also took pictures. Some people may have looked like thugs but they were proud of what they were doing. They obviously came from many different backgrounds and places. They were all there because of one man: Donald Trump, who had given the order to get to the Capitol and fight, just before the crowd rushed toward this very building.

We may never fully understand what motivated EACH one of these people to come to Washington DC prepared for a riot or revolution, but it is already clear that many have said that they were,” Taking their country Back” by keeping Donald Trump in power.

People said that the election was fraudulent and they believe Trump won, because that was declared by him repeatedly. Some screamed, “ Kill Mike Pence”, who at that very moment was being rushed to safety by the Secret Service and Capitol Police. Others were looking for Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic leaders who were also evacuated moments before rioters broke into the House and Senate Chambers and several offices of key Democrats to steal things and photograph documents.

Since WWII, we have never seen a riot like this on US soil. We have seen individuals (like Timothy McVeigh) bomb or attempt to bomb government buildings. We have seen criminals commit arson and kill policemen. We have seen many mass shootings at schools and public spaces. Each time we have been shocked, but at the same time somewhat relieved to discover that these people appeared to be insane and usually acting alone. KKK violence and more recently the Charlottesville events are revealing that more organized hate groups are forming more frequently. We have failed to realize that crowds of people could be incited to not only riot, but to attempt to kill elected officials and their security personnel. There have been many more killings of US citizens carried out by white male Americans than by foreign born individuals. How do we end this increase in domestic terror and its threat to the “unalienable…rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for all Americans?

We need to arrest these rioters, but are they the only ones that we must hold accountable? If most of them are mentally ill and delusional, we must ask ourselves why and how did they all gather at the Capitol steps on Jan 6 ? Why were police and security officials and journalists threatened and beaten by so MANY different people? What was motivating these people? As people are arrested and interviewed, we will gather more information and we must analyze it carefully to understand the answers.

Would any if this riotous and criminal behavior have happened if Trump himself and other Republican leaders had admitted that Trump lost the Election and Biden had won fairly by over seven million real votes cast by real US citizens? We need all forms of media to report the actual statements of rioters. We need to demand facts about the actions of their leaders. We need to demand honesty and integrity from all our government officials. Every citizen must think about how to prevent more violence, so here are a few suggestions:

First - Two recounts done by Republican officials in Georgia showed NO voter fraud and only minor differences of a few hundred votes. Also more than 55 court cases were filed by Trump and his lawyers and these cases found ONLY small numbers of voters who cast ballots fraudulently. There were NO instances of poll workers making errors in counting or reporting or shredding the votes in any states that Biden won. We need transparency and truth in government AND in any media that is charged with reporting these facts, so we can know the truth and not be confused by misinformation. This is how democratic governments retain their legitimacy.

Second - State republican officials repeatedly refused to change the vote count in GA after 2 recounts and officially certifying the vote for that state. Weeks later Trump tried to convince these officials in a taped phone call, to “add 11,000 votes” for him and to “change the official vote count”. We need to hold Trump accountable and anyone else who commits any attempt to commit massive election fraud accountable. This is how we establish faith in our voting system and faith in the certification of election results at all levels of government. Otherwise the media and losers who refuse to concede, can confuse the public and take power away from the citizens who vote. Democracy starts to die when this happens.

Third - Trump and Republicans used voter fraud claims in order to raise money for their future campaigns. Campaign finance laws allow Trump (and the Republican Party) to keep much of this money for personal use. We need campaign finance laws that encourage candidates who want to be public servants and discourage candidates who desire wealth, power, and fame and who listen only to their wealthiest donors.

Fourth - Trump and several other Republicans repeatedly asked their supporters to come to the Capitol and “stop the steal”. Anyone who uses their position and power to stop the peaceful transition of power over to a newly elected government official, must be held accountable for this undemocratic act. If this is allowed to happen, the will of the Majority of voters is Thwarted and democracy ends.

Fifth - So far at least one Jan 6 rioter has been arrested and his lawyer has stated that he is mentally ill. What if a large majority of the people arrested and charged with criminal trespass or more violent behaviors on Jan 6, plead not guilty due to mental disabilities? Service men and women who have suffered head trauma and other injuries during combat must be given more effective healthcare and immediate access to ongoing and effective therapies and supervision if they exhibit violent tendencies. People who apply for security jobs or gun permits must be given thorough background checks before they are hired or trained. (In most states, substitute teachers must get background checks to make sure they are not going to do harm.) These types of security checks ought to be expanded so that jobs that require individuals to have fast and effective reactions in violent or emergency situations, are mentally fit for their jobs and able to be trained to carry out effective non-violent responses.

Sixth - Every year Innocent people are killed by gunfire and are severely injured. Anyone who thinks that carrying a gun is the best way to be safe from harm needs to be frequently reminded that a gun that you own or carry can easily be used to kill you. If we do not sensibly restrict the ownership and purchase of rapid fire weapons, we will continue to have the largest number of gun deaths per capita of any nation in the “civilized” world. We will have more violent crime, not less, because security officers and innocent bystanders will be killed more often. Gun ownership does not promote safety and the freedom to carry guns takes away the ability to have peaceful protests and other public activities. FACT: US states with the most restrictive gun laws have the least shootings.

Seventh – Those rioters who go to prison for less than 25 years must receive rehabilitation so that they learn how to be workers and healers, not haters and fighters. Many of them are so confused by falsehoods and trauma that they view Democrats and people of color as enemies and evil. They need programs that enable them to rebuild their lives. There are many model prison programs such as the Bard College program run in New York State. Some programs help prisoners overcome addictions and mental disabilities by meditating, growing and preparing their food and doing community service work. We must fund these programs, carefully oversee and train prison guards, and measure recidivism and success, so we can tweak or expand programs that heal anger and hate and give purpose to prisoners so that they can return to society successfully.

Eighth - The documentary film “Healing From Hate” demonstrates very well the type of help that is needed. When I viewed this documentary, I realized that it is possible to change the hearts and minds of men and women who have been radicalized by trauma, obuse, anger, hate, and lies. View this film if you know someone who is falling prey to lies told for power and profit and you may discover ways to help that person.

It is my hope that we will study and consider some of these solutions over the coming months. Sometimes we trick each other and the media into only fretting and worrying about the future, instead of becoming effective and knowledgeable citizens. Let’s spend less time debating or reading about conspiracy theories. It is not OK to think people are inherently evil or to assume that nothing can help them change. We all can strengthen democracy, root out corruption, and focus on solving our most serious problems: climate chaos and social and economic injustice, by becoming aware and active citizens.

Politicians Totally Ignore the Only Free Market Solution to America’s Economic Crisis!

Consider the following FACTS. On average, the American economy grows at the rate of $4,000,000,000,000 (yes that’s 4 trillion dollars) annually. That translates into about $12,000 for every man, woman, and child in America. But generally speaking, the beneficiaries of this annual growth are currently limited to those people who can afford to buy the stocks, bonds, real estate, and technological developments that account for this growth.

90% Lack the Opportunity

More specifically we’re talking about less than 10% of Americans who have the means to take advantage of this relatively predictable growth, and 90% who lack the opportunity to participate. Thus, we now have a 21st century wealth gap that is wider and more toxic than any time since the stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression which followed in its wake.

To make matters worse, this was the case long before the current pandemic oriented economic crisis raised its ugly head. In response to millions of workers losing their incomes and healthcare due to the virus, the Federal government has increased unemployment benefits for several months, and issued so called “stimulus checks ($1,200)” to millions of people in an effort to artificially jump-start demand and to prevent the ship of state from sinking into oblivion.

Unpalatable But Necessary Steps

In taking these unpalatable but necessary steps the government has significantly increased the already massive debt load, which means it’s a short-term not a long-term solution. The hope of course is to artificially resuscitate demand, which in turn should recreate jobs and get we the people back to work and lead us all back to where we were before the virus struck.

The problem is that, even before the virus struck, we the people were not in a very good place. Even before the virus erupted over half of all Americans were living paycheck to paycheck, unable to afford a $500 bump in the road without having to borrow money in order to pay for it. Things are dramatically worse than they were several months ago before the virus. But the place we were is still not the place to which we the people are longing to return. So, what can we do?

The $4 Trillion Dollar Idea That Creates No Debt!

In that light let’s recall that on average, the American economy grows at the rate of $4 trillion dollars annually. Once again, that translates into about $12,000 annually for every man, woman, and child in America. But the beneficiaries of this annual growth are those who can afford to buy stocks, bonds real estate, and new technology. This generally excludes we the people.

The question I want to raise here is, how can we make sure the average American has systematic access to the ownership side of the economy, where MOST OF THE WEALTH IS BEING GENERATED? How can the average Joe gain access to that $4 trillion dollars of predictable growth in order to generate a second stream of investment income, while eliminating the fear and instability that so many Americans suffer from in today’s incredibly imbalanced economy?

Consider the Following Possibility…

• What if the Federal Reserve, through local banks


• to every American citizen (man, woman, and child) annually

• at 0% interest, and…

• allowed the loan to be repaid via future, pre-tax earnings/dividends (not from savings)

• along with a stipulation that these funds could only be used to purchase shares of new and transferred capital assets that were predicted to generate enough future profits to pay for their purchase and to create predictable, stabilizing, residual incomes for their owners?

This strategy, known as “Capital Homesteading,” would cost American taxpayers NOTHING. It creates NO GEVERNMENT DEBT! It creates NO CONSUMER DEBT! And, rather than government debt-backed currency, the purchase would be backed (collateralized) by real, productive, private-sector assets

And it WOULD NOT BE INFLATIONARY. All money created would be instantly backed (collateralized) by the full value of private sector assets that citizens would receive insured loans in order to purchase. Citizens would actually be purchasing newly issued, full dividend payout, voting shares of companies that need new capital assets in order to grow.

What Capital Homesteading Will Do Is…

• Give every American systematic access to the ownership side of the American economy, where most of our nations’ wealth is being generated.

• Create a residual stream of income for all Americans thru ownership - not thru labor


• Stabilize family life,

• Minimize the mental illness known as GREED that so poisons American culture

• In the long run it will help to democratize the free market,

• Create millions of new taxpayers, thereby DILUTING and REDUCING the TAX BURDEN on those who actually pay taxes

• Minimize the growing threat of artificial intelligence in Americas’ job market

• Balance the national budget,

• And pay off our massive and ever-growing national debt, etc.

One Simple Example

Here’s simple one example of how Capital Homesteading would benefit the next generation of Americans. If implemented, by age10 every child would have had $120,000 (10 times $12,000) invested on their behalf and paying dividends. By age 18 well over $200,000 would have been invested and be generating dividends that would easily pay for a debt-free college education along with all the benefits that would follow in its wake. Absolutely a win/win for everyone!

In this moment of political division and strife Capital Homesteading literally pays all Americans to pull together, at the same time, in the same direction, towards the same goals! It translates mere political talk (such as…we’re all in this together) into real live, results driven action!

It Systematically Counteracts Concentrated Wealth/Greed!

Over time, each American citizen will accumulate more equity, more residual income, and benefit from their investment income in a way that only the wealthy can today. As the result, the need for federally backed social safety net programs (i.e. social security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps) will gradually fade into the sunset. More people will be able to pay taxes, which in turn decreases the burden on those among us who still pay taxes. It systematically counteracts concentrated wealth/greed as it gradually democratizes America’s free-market economy!

Yet This Free Market, Non-Socialistic Solution is Being Totally Ignored!!!

If the Obama administration (or any of its predecessors) had implemented Capital Homesteading, today’s COVOD 19/Unemployment crisis would not be a crisis. We the people could afford stay at home and still have sufficient income to weather a much less severe storm. Yet we’re less than 100 days from the next Presidential election and Capital Homesteading has been totally ignored by Trump, Biden, Sanders, Warren, Booker, Harris, Klobuchar, Mayor Pete, etc. WHY?

Capital Homesteading In Detail

I confess, this commentary has been a generalized portrait in dire need of more detail. So, for a full and detailed explanation of how this strategy could be implemented, go to CESJ.ORG and check out the concept that Dr. Norman Kurland calls the CAPITAL HOMESTEADING ACT. It’s an ingenious idea whose time is long overdue. And it’s one very good thing that could actually come to fruition as the result of this horrific, COVID 19 crisis.


UBI vs. Capital Homesteading Comparison

Stimulus checks are effectively a short-term form of Universal Basic Income (UBI), an idea which has been advocated by among others, former presidential hopeful and serial entrepreneur Andrew Yang, as well as Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, and Elon Musk of Tesla. Although the suggested annual amount of money issued ($12,000 annually) is the same as Capital Homesteading, that’s where the similarity ends. Check out the differences.

  1. Since it issues insured capital credit loans that are paid back via pre-tax future earnings, and can only be used to buy wealth producing capital assets, Capital Homesteading creates NO GOVERNMENT DEBT and NO COMSUMER DEBT! UBI and stimulus checks create government debt that will eventually be paid back by we the people (not the 1% who are spectacular at avoiding taxes) in the form of higher taxes.
  2. Capital Homesteading systematically creates universal capital ownership opportunity and access to the means of acquiring wealth producing capital assets. UBI does not.
  3. Capital Homesteading systematically finances predictable and sustainable growth of the economy. UBI does not.
  4. Capital Homesteading systematically enables individual citizens to become economically empowered and liberated through capital ownership. UBI does not.
  5. Capital Homesteading systematically enables citizens to become economically independent of the government. UBI does not.
  6. Capital Homesteading systematically generates mass purchasing power through ever-broadening citizen ownership of income producing capital. UBI does not.
  7. Capital Homesteading systematically creates new owners of advanced technologies and green growth assets UBI does not.
  8. Capital Homesteading systematically creates a growing tax base to pay the costs of government, thereby eliminating deficit spending and eventually paying off the currently massive government debt. UBI does not.
  9. UBI/Stimulus checks are simple and immediate. That’s their strength.
  10. Capital Homesteading requires some time (usually a number of years) in order for benefits to accumulate. That’s why UBI should start immediately and be phased out over time in favor of Capital Homesteading.

The Secret Alien Agenda and the Stupidity Virus

With all due allusion to myth, magic and metaphor, and perhaps even an attempt at allegory, the “secret alien agenda” pertains to a cosmic conspiracy. There is no intent to any references, direct or indirect, with regard to illegal human trespassing across sovereign borders of various countries. In addition, the “stupidity virus” suggests the devolving state of human interactivity as concerns the regressive tendencies to avoid evidence driven rational analysis.

In post-modern societies, the allegation is that facts, the weight of evidence, and scientific validation, is often dismissed in favor of emotional reactivity in the perpetration of antisocial commentary. For the satiation of amative urges for selfish intentions, by way of dangerous subjective validation, the force of willful animosity contravenes the progress and advancement of the human species. In short, human civilization dooms its own demise.

Many complex factors, intentional, purposeful and premeditated, conspire and collude to bring about the sixth great extinction upon the planet. According to one report, appearing in a well-known publication of a nationally recognized geographic institution, that question is posed to the readership. Will the human race survive the next global extinction event? Answer, most likely no, not if stupidity reaches pandemic levels, and idiocy is on the rise.

In 3D comic fashion, the characterization of this willful planetary exploitation is exhibited in a fictional storyline. Along with colorful characters, the fictional short story, as well as the digital artistry, portrays the adventures of a valiant government agent. Her mission is to expose the “secret alien agenda” for the spread of the interstellar “stupidity virus”. Naturally, many enemies arise, including mad scientists, corporate elitists, robotic entities, and politicians.

Of course, the intriguing aspects of it all is poking fun at inane social commentary. Silly and unintelligent conjecture permeates social media, 24/7 alleged news cycles, talk show “talking heads”, and mirrors the reflection of the narcissus pool of “two dimensional thinking”. This offering of the nebulous descriptor of “2D thinking” stems from a movie script line from a famous “star-fleet” movie. It refers to the darkness of evil in a malevolent character, as well as the inability to think creatively, with logical application of rational analysis. Further to this point, a major think tank, with a long U.S. government research history did a major study on the issue.

Accordingly, the aforementioned study asserted what might be termed “truth decay”, as increasingly the erosion of reliance on facts, evidence, critical thinking, and insistence upon well-defended points of view. Instead, fiction over facts pervades the social nexus and mainstream claims of believability. Emotional reactivity in the maladaptive tendencies to safeguard subjective validation with constant appeals to fallacies of inference. This of course lends facetious credence to hasty generalizations bordering on ethnic, racial, sexual and political divisiveness.

Hence, the metaphorical assertion of the “secret alien agenda”. It is satirical and meant to poke fun at stupidity, selfishness and condescending self-interests. Not only that, but also the self-centered and egoistic arrogance that strains the boundaries of believability. Nonetheless, specious conjecture and nebulous notions, absent the evidence, are widely accepted. In addition, coupled with an ignorance of historical events, idiocy raises dangerous potentialities. Simplistic trouble freethinking degrades the probability of meaningful discourse.

Unfortunately, most people are not history buffs, nor do most learn from significant historical crises. As such, human nature suggests not much changes and people do not change very much over time. As to evil, this is simply the illicit, unlawful and mean-spirited inflictions some people do to other people. Again, the reflection is that of egregious selfishness by way of intentional stupid behavior. Stupid refers also to lazy thinking or a lack of critical thinking from a constructive standpoint and professes empathy for others, and promotion of the greater good.

For that vileness, by neither gratitude or reverence, perseverance or progress, great numbers of people claim the entitlement of selfishness. To this, the echo, the reflection of mirrored conception, decries the very essence of self-evolving ascension. Failing to climb to higher levels or loftier peaks of neural instigation, the death of willfulness covers a grave from which the dead rise up stupider than before. Conflict with constant raging storms of ignorance flood the institutions from one ship of commerce to another port of academia. Foolishness undermines reality.

Stupidity also represents other descriptors whereby people in general perpetrate the safe, comfortable and detached mediocrity of foolish behaviors. Some might claim there is a social loss of something called common sense, or a lack thereof. Used here, the term is applied to illustrate the poignancy of how such willful behaviors adversely affect social culture. Absurd, inane and foolhardy conjecture, whether by the news media or politicians, hastens human devolution.

Aside from the terminology employed to describe the devolving state of the human species, “aliens” are involved to illustrate the ongoing state of irresponsibility. Blaming others, things, entities, gadgets, unknown forces, unscientific “diagnoses”, cell phones, the internet, etc., one can evade accountability. Acting stupid and finding convenient excuses for ignorance, or someone else’s fault, including criminality, avoids the liability of personal responsibility.

The factional, sectarian, and “alienation” of the population continues to escalate into a myriad of mucking about with all manner of simplistic conjecture. Of course, to digress, the act of mucking applies in several ways. For example, if a person ever worked at a horse riding stable, or on a farm, the act of mucking concerns the removal of manure or other wastes from an animal’s stall. Such is a specific aspect of removing something dirty or of no use from the surroundings.

To stretch the word usage a little further, if social media, political campaigning or news reporting were viewed as “muck”, then perhaps shoveling out the “verbal excrement” would be appropriate. Informal British application refers to something of no value or no use. Regardless, the illustration is toward a burgeoning state of negative and condescending behavior. Much of the interactivity devolves to a conflicting state of affairs. It is one in which nearly every act or verbal exchange is potentially viewed as offensive to someone or some group.

To avoid upsetting the childish tendencies, or non-self-evolving emotionalism, pretentious claims of civility likewise encourage a dumbing down of annalistic thinking processes. The perpetration of comfortable ignorance does nothing to advance the human species, yet fosters the safe mediocrity of fiction over fact. Contemporary fallacies of inference, degenerating into hasty generalizations, hastens the decay of rational well-reasoned search for authenticity.

Contemporary “fables, fictions, and fairytales” persist in spreading an array of fictional stories projecting individual and group interpersonal inadequacies. In the post-modern era, while some still blame demon possession for the bad things people do, others find a variety of scapegoats such as alien conspiracies. To sanctify and otherwise justify an assortment of mitigations, space aliens become the perpetrators behind the scenes plotting global domination. One online “alternate news” source cites a researcher’s claim that the U.S. government made a special agreement with a certain group of aliens. According to the source in question, that arrangement allowed the aliens to conduct experiments on humans. In reference to that assertion, the metaphorical insinuation resulted in the overall concept of “the secret alien agenda and the stupidity virus”.

As to the necessity to rise above the primordial depravity of intellectual devolution, extraordinary efforts of psychophysical energy focus on individual enrichment. Regardless, while a few valiant enthusiasts embrace learning, as well as personal individuation, most are willing to accept a non-invasive comfortable level of status quo mundane mediocrity. In this realm, the many will find easy seduction to the submissiveness of less intelligent prospects. In the social mainstream of techno-folly and thoughtless self-gratification, emotional reactivity foments the terrors of hasty generalizations and divisive rushes to judgmental behaviors.

Meanwhile in real science, not the fake kind found in academia like the “social studies” fields, some astrophysicist scoff at the notion aliens visit planet earth. For a few scientists, humans are, in all likelihood, too stupid for alien interaction. Then again, maybe they want stupid humans for other purposes, as in natural resources, farming, and “herd” production and so on. Warnings emerge, along with an admonition to be careful for what you wish. How humans treat each is significant in some of the assertions regarding alien observations of people. Hence, the concern of some scientists that when humans colonized part of the plant, they exploited the indigenous populations of the area of exploration. Subjugation and enslavement ensued thereafter.

Figuratively speaking, to jest and amuse at the egregious fallacies of inference so rife in social media, as well as mainstream alleged news reporting, the alien stupidity virus spreads quickly. Once injected, ingested or otherwise infected by body fluid contact, the idiocy level rises. To the point that serious debate, discussion or analytic discourse becomes increasingly debasing, the deterioration of interpersonal communication devolves tragically. Again, this is only an allusion to the current state of affairs relative to eroding intellectual processes.

In an age of techno-innovation, many falter in formulating reasonable and rational foundations for effective psychodynamic inquiry. Critical thinking is more challenging than ever. As to advances in technology, small groups of creative people engineer those clever mechanistic inventions. These are smart people, but then again, they are susceptible to varying degrees of stupidity once they leave their particular domain. By contrast, the vast majority do not invent advances in a range of scientific endeavors. Instead, the masses of the populace are simply consumers. Moreover, consumerism is grossly obsessive and gluttonous.

From a perhaps more sinister viewpoint, depending on your conjecture, an observation has repeatedly asserted the collusion between mass media and mass marketing. Sales, advertising, and consumption-oriented promotions are relentless. As alleged news media sources are owned by major corporate entities, so are the companies that sell products. Large multinational businesses, with foreign investment as well, promote and otherwise flood the means of telecommunications with incessant barking to buy, sell, ingest, consume, and “cannibalize” materials goods.

While not every business, corporate, or commercial enterprise should be seen as “evil”, with sinister collusion among “galactic alien” forces, a majority may be observed as dangerously self-serving. Some of which, is not for the greater good or of significant utilitarian value. Of the networks of wealthy, elite and politically connected, a small portion of the population hierarchy control the majority of material resources. This also includes the potent influence upon individual and group decision-making. Where people refuse to self-evolve, stupidity becomes easy.

Again, “galactic alien” conspiracy is a metaphorical adaption of intentional and voluntary dumbing down of the populace, whereby less honorable people can control them. It’s all illusionary to poke fun at “anti-thinking” infused with emotional reactivity. For the lazy, indecisive and those prone to magical thinking, especially the uncreative and marginal thinkers, the tyranny of power, control and domination is not difficult to achieve. A studied glance at most politicians and a broad based assumption can be made of the widespread societal idiocy.

As such, the “alien stupidity” virus increasingly passes from one self-aggrandizing political ideologue to the next. In the age of the selfie, the narcissistic reflection, through the looking glass of conceit, appropriately echoes the foolish arrogance of modern politicians. A number of mythological characters could serve as appropriate archetypes. Furthermore, the not so hidden agenda contained herein is that there are no excuses for stupid, inept, incompetent and otherwise idiot behavior. The actualization of free will does away with defense and mitigations to the contrary. People are purposeful, deceitful, and intentional in their antics.

Deterministic illusions, espoused by some schools of thought within the realms of the “social studies”, serve as excusatory alibis for willful mitigations. As such the alien stupidity virus is a good cover story to explain away the illicit and illegal perpetrations of selfish counter-social afflictions. In a culture where any “psycho-diagnosis” will do, anything is justifiable. Simplistic notions projecting specious conjectures easily explains mysterious complexities.

In grips of the stupidity virus, after a brief incubation time following the transmittal of the pathogen, emotional reactivity and dismissive condescension replace reason and rationality. Facts are replaced by the overwhelming reliance on feelings instead of hardcore evidentiary substantiation. From a macabre perspective, perhaps cynical consideration, maladaptive thinking at a primeval level is probably good for a rapaciously out of control consumer culture. For the many who are not prone to in-depth critical analysis, prefer simplistic thinking and immediate gratification, limited perspectives are more compatible with complacency.

According to some commentary on contemporary social issues, the environment in western societies depicts the illusion that hope springs eternal for utopic ascension. A diverse range of conditions demonstrates to the contrary and suggests a devolution of the human species. Accusations address issues related to the state of education, as well as political processes, in which it appears people are increasingly deficient in areas of critical thinking. Allegedly, a few researchers are inclined to infer that the population in general exhibits a kind of “mindlessness” that makes social problem solving more difficult. The stupidity virus is spreading.

With a “zombified” population, socio-political and economic interactivity grows more and more difficult and contentious in terms of advancing the human species. Currently, across the broad spectrum of the mainstream, the stupidity factor reflects tense and temperamental over-reaction to the slightest hint of disagreement. Confrontations culminate in tense close encounters every kind in which violence may erupt to ensure someone’s immediate gratification.

Any reference to “close encounters of the third kind”, as historically suggested in science fiction movie genre, is a passing reference to divisive condescension infecting social media. So often, the philosophical battles enter the picture that eventually fatigue good intentions to the contrary. A few get weary in the never-ending process of wondering if there is such a thing as common sense. As such, to exercise a profound sense of selflessness in devotion to mature and enlightened perspective demands the due diligence of hard work.

Matureness, growing up, acting like an adult who accepts the accountability of responsibility, invokes a special kind of courage. Unfortunately, quickly gratifying the whims of juvenile narcissism, and insisting upon the superficiality of subjective validation, gets in the way of being an authentic individual. To seize daring opportunities to transform and be a better version than the original imperfection requires exceptional valor, as well as lifelong commitment.

By contrast, to presumptions of maturation, in a “crybaby” culture with a “snowflake” society, speculation suggests the stupidity virus undergoes mutations. In a journal article several years ago, a social theorist wrote of the “sore loser” inclination rampant in modern American society. Instead of pulling together as loyal opposition when one side loses an election, the trend is riot and destroy property. Rather than foster cohesiveness for the promotion of the general welfare, ranting, fuming and sowing discord is preferable. In furtherance of the inane nature of the viral infectiousness, from anti-thinking to “racial victimology”, human regression continues.

In the process, often is heard some use of a convenient excusatory precursor to illicit behaviors. This includes things like “snapped”, “lost it”, or “triggered”, as well as other simplistic descriptors. Several others used are broken, cracked, shattered, and sparked. While at it, might as well throw in bit, or bitten, like the zombie virus, very similar to the alien viral infection. However, do not stop there. Include demonic possession too. Use every possible inauthentic mitigation, pretense, apology or alibi. Similarly, rationalize intentional aberrations with a mental diagnosis. Forget scientific validity or evidentiary substantiation. Crybaby culture demands apologies.

For the secret alien agenda, the spread of the stupidity virus, metaphorically speaking, is a parody for the anti-thinking emotionalism of a collapsing culture. To satiate selfish rationalizations, ignorance is an inner caricature of personal mockery. With all the potential for extraordinary self-actualization, or even higher in enlightened transformation, many squander their creative ascension. Refusing to grow up, to remain the perpetual child, and insist on the echo of reflective imagery of oneself, are central features of a society edging toward collapse.

The advancement of the human species requires brilliant innovations in collaborative constructive problem solving. Pro-social enterprises to enhance the commonwealth of everyone, by way of equitable, selfless and mutually beneficial contributions, persevere to avert disastrous consequences. Yet, for humanity, in all probability, time is running out. Gluttonous conspicuous consumption beyond the capacity to repair and replenish succeeded in reaching a point of no return. Meanwhile, stupidity finds refuge in bigotry, inequity of every kind, exploitation of the environment, and the arrogance of ignorance. Condescending babble spews negativism throughout social media and mainstream alleged news outlets. In lieu of driven by facts, fictitious claims masquerade as “proof” in support of specious fallacies of inference. A devolving milieu increasingly shows symptoms of the secret alien agenda and spread of the stupidity virus.

Covid-19 news: Japan to declare state of emergency ahead of Olympics

Japan to declare a state of emergency in big cities to try to halt a rise in cases ahead of the Olympics

With coronavirus case numbers rising three months before the Olympics are due to begin, Japan will declare a state of emergency in big cities including Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto between 25 April and 11 May. This will allow the government to impose restrictions such as a ban on the sale of alcohol at all venues and the closure of many entertainment venues such as cinemas. People will be asked to work from home but schools will remain open. The restrictions cover the Golden Week holiday period when many people usually travel.

“If the Olympics are really going to be held in July, I think the infections need to settle down by late May or early June,” Haruka Sakamoto, a public health researcher at the University of Tokyo told the The Japan Times. “Therefore, the government is making stronger interventions relatively early on.”

Japan has been more successful at limiting the spread of the virus than many other countries. It has reported around 550,000 cases and 10,000 deaths, compared with 4.4 million cases and 130,000 deaths in the UK. It is currently reporting 36 cases per million people per day, compared with 37 in the UK, 200 in India, 250 in Germany and 700 in Turkey. However, new variants are spreading despite some local restrictions imposed after another state of emergency ended earlier this year.

Other coronavirus news

Australia is imposing a three-day lockdown in Perth and the adjoining Peel region after a person who tested positive for covid-19 visited various sites in the region. The individual had been in hotel quarantine and tested negative at the end of it. But another test done five days later was positive.

A single dose of either the Oxford/AstraZeneca or Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine reduces the risk of infection by two-thirds, according to an analysis of the test results of 350,000 people in the UK in the past few months. From 21 days after the dose, people were 57 per cent less likely to get asymptomatic infections and 72 per cent less likely to get symptomatic infections compared with those who had not been vaccinated.

India has reported 332,730 new daily coronavirus cases, setting a new global record for a second successive day. Hospitals in New Delhi are pleading with the government for more oxygen supplies and saying they may not be able to admit new patients.

Some mass vaccination sites in the US are being closed down as demand falls, according to The New York Times. More than half of adults in the US have now had at least one vaccine dose. “We got about 50 per cent of our people vaccinated,” the chief public health officer in Galveston County, Texas, told the paper. “We recognise that next 25 per cent is going to be a lot harder than the first.”

Coronavirus deaths

The worldwide covid-19 death toll has passed 3.08 million. The number of confirmed cases is more than 144.9 million, according to Johns Hopkins University, though the true number of cases will be much higher. According to Our World In Data, more than 534 million people globally have received at least one dose of a covid-19 vaccine.

Read more: https://www.newscientist.com/article/2237475-covid-19-news-japan-to-declare-state-of-emergency-ahead-of-olympics/#ixzz6t74hw7h9

CardioFlex Therapy Spring 2021 Community Events

CardioFlex Therapy enjoys supporting mission-focused causes by participating in fundraisers and local Davie community events throughout the year. We would like to continue raising awareness of these causes and community organizations, and the people that they are trying to help.

Here are a few community events to participate in and support this season!

American Lung Association

Fight for Air Climb

March 6th, 2021 at 8:00 am- Hard Rock Stadium

Join the American Lung Association outside for a re-imagined Climb. All are welcome to share in this adventure, whether you’re new to the event or a veteran Climber.

Just like their indoor event, how you climb outdoors is up to you. You can race to the end or take it at your own pace. There’s even a Climb Your Way virtual option for those who can’t make it to the event.

Visit this page for the most up-to-date information about the event.

Learn more here.

American Heart Association

2021 Broward Heart Walk Digital Experience

Sunday, March 14, 2021 at 9:00am- Virtual Event

This year’s Heart Walk will be the biggest ever as over 1 million walkers across the nation move as one.

Heart walk is about coming together, getting hearts pumping, honoring survivors, raising lifesaving funds — and having fun along the way.

This year’s donations will help fast track COVID-19 research and train front-line workers while they continue the fight against heart disease and stroke.

Learn more here.

Autism Speaks

2021 Autism Speaks Miami Gala

March 20, 2021 at 7:00 pm — 9:30 pm -Virtual Event

Every year, the Autism Speaks Miami Gala brings together philanthropists, business professionals and influencers from the South Florida community, all join to honor and support the individuals with autism and their families.

Learn more here.

Relay for Life

Relay for Life of Davie-Cooper City

Saturday, April 24, 2021 at 3:00 pm — Cooper City High School

Cancer won’t quit. So neither can we.

Relay For Life is all about joining together as a community.

Survivors and caregivers are the heart of every Relay For Life event. By participating, you can connect with other survivors and caregivers, inspire someone newly diagnosed, lend an ear to someone with a similar situation, and be part of a community where cancer is faced together, not individually.

Learn more here.

We invite you to visit our blog to stay up to date on the latest events in which we participate, promote, and support in the South Florida region.

Travelling Through the Timeline

The 1970s has been marked in history for being one of the grooviest time periods known to man. Best known for Bell bottoms and the rise of disco, but during this time there was also a rise of cultural change, different social norms, economic and political struggles, and the innovation of new technology.

The 70s decade was very much a continuation of the late 1960s. The crusade for social justice prevailed. Activist were fighting to gain equality for African Americans, women, the LGBT community, and other marginalized groups. Many of the protest during this time were peaceful, it was only after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968 people began to riot.

Many people would best describe the 70s as A time to be alive . These were simpler times when kids played in the streets all day, the neighborhood were like a big family, and people interacted and spent time face to face. Without the advanced technology we have today, people had no choice, but to talk and spend time together. During this time, Baby Boomers unquestionably tested the waters not only with fighting for equality and social justice but normalized latest trends such as men wearing platform shoes, tight shirts, and short shorts without it being thought of as unmasculine. Women were able to wear what they pleased without being sexualized.

The 70s also marked the start of this first economic crisis since the Great Depression. After the

The 70s also marked the start of this first economic crisis since the Great Depression. After the

Deborah Rush, a New Jersey native, describes having to sleep on the floor during the riots because bullets would bounce off her house. We family couldn't leave the house except to go to work and even then we couldn't leave until national guard checked our vehicles

The 70s birthed some of the modern technology used today. One of the most popular inventions was the Sony Walkman, which was a portable cassette player so you could listen to your choice of music in private. Another interesting invention was the Apple computer. Of course, it was not as advanced as people have today, but it was the beginning of technological evolution and nonface to face interaction besides the telephone.

The 70s birthed some of the modern technology used today. One of the most popular inventions was the Sony Walkman, which was a portable cassette player so you could listen to your choice of music in private. Another interesting invention was the Apple computer. Of course, it was not as advanced as people have today, but it was the beginning of technological evolution and nonface to face interaction besides the telephone.

Vietnam war, the economy began to wane due to paying the cost of war, competing with international forces, and the decline of manufacturing jobs. Unemployment also began to rise, and the people went into a period of stagflation. President Nixon tried to resolve this issue by decreasing the value of a US dollar, and declared wage and price freezes. When President Nixon came into office in 1968, he immediately dismantling the welfare of the states. He opposed mandatory desegregation of schools, and diminished many parts of former president, Lyndon Johnson s, war on poverty. Although, Nixon did have some positive reforms such as government assistance for families, it was overlooked. He undermined the faith Americans had in a good

Political News Accountable For Country Image

America is a nation with a huge population so there are always things happening around the nations in which one becomes to know about with help of news. USA governmental issues, sports, natural disasters, entertainment, and many different events are the main focus of news in the USA.

Numerous magazines give away information about the entity of the system of Politics which creates curiosity among people. Many newspapers have their front page bearing the latest political news. Worldwide and national news always have some element of political news in it.

Be that as it may, every country has a different political background and history. Thus, the political issue shows variations depending on the different pieces of land. Political news in America is just a medium for delivering the political views of different people in the country.

The news gives away information about the society, state, country, sports, and even entertainment. The news about financial matters like budget, policy, and bills, and so forth are also delivered by the USA news.

When the budget is announced the news channels make an effort to spread the message about the government's actions towards society and make society well aware of it. The political news also makes people aware of the economic growth of various other nations and also their position in the market.

The latest news in America sometimes is of very interest and so makeup to the headlines of the world news. Whenever a foreign delegate comes to the USA in order to improve their relations with the country the news is covered by the agencies and it is passed on to the general public.

Individuals consistently feel the need to be updated with the daily happenings around them. The latest news around the world encourages them to think about political activities going around the world.

The political activities that go around in our country always make it to the world news. Numerous people prefer to know about the world's political news instead of just being aware of the political happenings in the country.

This political news in the USA creates a picture of the country in the minds of others. It could be positive it negatives depending on the political news that is telecasted. Building up a positive picture is very important as that chooses the reputation of the country.